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Professional tree care by a certified arborist.


Every job is overseen by owner, Ray Hoover, a foremost specialist in fruit tree trimming and an I.S.A. Certified Arborist.


Keep your trees healthy, happy and your fruit trees productive with expert care from an I.S.A. Certified Arborist.

Get in touch with us to be sure your trees are at their best year-round.

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Hoover’s Tree Service has been in business locally, continually,- for over 35 years.

The company culture emphasizes education and safety. This last year alone every member of the team attended numerous conventions and seminars pertaining to tree care. Among the courses were “chain saw safety” “advancements in arboriculture” and “tree ascension devices” and “new equipment related to tree removal on the horizon”.

Team meetings are held immediately afterward to discuss introducing these methods and devices into our “toolbox”. Continual application of classes and quizzing of each other concerning new methods is encouraged.

Raymond Hoover is a graduate of Northern Michigan University B.S. He is a M.S.U. Master Gardener Alumni and has helped teach the spring fruit tree trimming class.

He is also a graduate of the 2009 M.S.U. Integrated Pest Management School offered at the Kellogg Biological Station near Hickory Corners, Michigan.

He is a father, lover of all things Scottish and a perpetual student of Middle East Policy.

Some of our services include:


Fruit Tree Trimming

Apple trees, Plum trees, Pear trees, Apricot trees, Grapevines.

Fruit Tree Trimming is time sensitive work that should be done when fruit trees are dormant. Call Today!

Every job is overseen by owner, Ray Hoover, a foremost specialist in fruit tree trimming and an I.S.A. Certified Arborist WI-0458-A. 

Studies show 80% of the problems with trees are as a result of something happening below the ground. This small fruit tree was damaged by a lawnmower as evidenced by damage to the bark near the graft. A professional arborist will start trimming and equally important “assessing” a fruit tree for health by looking at or even below ground. Some negative consequences of issues may be mitigated by recognizing the problem and taking appropriate action.

Fire blight is a bacterial disease wherein branches become infected and appear to be scorched by fire. The disease can translocate down stems and branches until the entire fruit tree is ruined. Aggressive trimming is often necessary to mitigate the damage. This aggressive pruning cut was made several feet below the infected area, yet one can still see the discoloring of the infected tissue, pictured here.

“Black Knot Disease” is a highly contagious disease of “Stone” fruit trees. It can be properly trimmed out in some cases. The professionals at Hoover’s can prune it out or remove the tree entirely when necessary. Working as a team they often “confer” with each other concerning such decisions.

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